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Walker Tire charged my wife $3500 to put a new 134a A/C system in a car worth about $1500. When it quit working less than 1 month later, she returned to discover that it was out of freon already. They told her that newer freon in cars like that is supposed to leak out, and that she would have to return each month and pay $90 to refill the freon. She agreed to have it filled, and then took it to a different company the following month.

Without even telling the new mechanic what employees at Walker Tire said, he came in and told my wife that there were 3 leaks in the new A/C system. The total for fixing all 3 leaks, which included changing a small valve, and filling the 134a freon was far less than Walker Tire tried to charge each month for just changing the freon.

I find it appalling that instead of finding and fixing the leaks as they should have, Walker Tire decided to try and scam my wife out of an additional $90 per month. The A/C is now functioning perfectly, and we have not had a problem since we took it to a different mechanic. At the very least, this is a testament to the lack of technical knowledge and equipment at Walker Tire LLC. At the very worst, this was criminal act.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States #821136

I hope that you and your wife reported them to the BBB because their business practices are criminal they seem to be embezzling money from their customers for over priced services and performing services that are not needed. This is a shame!

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